ZTF Stamps Access

The ALeRCE Stamps API Wrapper gives an easy access to our stamps API that can be used to retrieve stamps and full avro information of a specific alert.


from alerce.core import Alerce
#Import ALeRCE Client
client = Alerce()

stamps = client.get_stamps("ZTF18abkifng")

Making Queries

There are two operations you can perform with stamps. Getting the stamps of an object and if you are on a jupyter notebook you can plot the stamps.

  • get_stamps() method will allow you to get stamps of the first detection of an object id. You can also specify a candid to retrieve stamps of a different detection.
  • plot_stamps() works the same as get_stamps but will plot the stamps using IPython HTML if you are in a notebook environment.


# Getting specific stamp
stamps = client.get_stamps("ZTF18abkifng",
                           candid = 576161491515015015)

# Plot stamps on jupyter notebook
client.plot_stamps(oid = "ZTF18abkifng",
                   candid = 576161491515015015)